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Afgan Cavalry
Afghan Cavalry, Rambo III (1988)

Reenactor Advisors

   Historical / Reenactor Advisors can be either on-camera or off-camera personnel, or both. In most cases, the Historical / Reenactor Advisors are NOT additional personnel, but is an additional duty given to the Reenactor Coordinators and Senior Reenactor Staff. It is the duty of the historical / reenactor advisors to answer questions regarding military drill, military protocol, clothing, uniforms, equipment and any other historical information requested. 

   The Lead Historical / Reenactor Advisor interfaces with all the departments that need his services, this usually includes Wardrobe, Props, Weapons Master and sometimes the Set Dressing department. The Lead Reenactor Advisor is the person responsible for answering any questions that the different departments may have, both in pre-production and during the shoot. This can involve questions such as what reenactors are, what uniforms and equipment they will bring, do they come with facial hair, etc.

Reenactor Coordinators

   The Reenactor Coordinators are off-camera personnel. The number of Reenactor Coordinators required and the number of pre-production days depends on the size of the project and how many reenactors are to be used.   On most projects they perform the duties of Extras Casting Assistants & Assistant Directors and interface with the members of those departments. They also often function as the (off-camera) Senior Reenactor Advisors.

   It is their duty to recruit the necessary reenactors for the shoot. During the shooting schedule they interface with the Assistant Director and notify the reenactors as to what shoot days each reenactor works, the start time for each day of shooting & what uniforms and equipment are needed. They help the production crew interface with the reenactors during the days of the shoot.

   The Lead Reenactor Coordinator can work with the Director or Assistant Director during pre-production to help determine how many reenactors are required to make each scene work.

Artillery & Infantry (Glory)
Artillery, Glory (1989)

Core Group Reenactors

   The Core Group Reenactor members are on-camera personnel. They are selected from the Reenactors as a whole, on the basis of on-camera experience, competence in the images required, knowledge of the images required, ability to work with others (both Crew and Reenactors) and availability to work the shoot.

   Additional write-up coming ASAP.

Reenactor Staff

   The Reenactor Staff are on-camera personnel. The number of Reenactor Staff required depends on the size of the project and how many reenactors are to be used. Often the Senior Reenactor Staff also function as (on-camera) Reenactor Advisors and help the Reenactor Coordinators coordinate the reenactors on set. On shoots involving large number of reenactors, some of the Reenactor Staff help to coordinate both pre-shoot and shooting day check-in and help to distribute information to the reenactors.

   The Reenactor Staff functions as the Officers and NCOs for military troops on the field (set) and as civilian leaders for non military projects. It is their job to help the Assistant Directors with the placement and action of the reenactors and to move them as quickly as possible to meet the A.D.'s requirements. They also help to move the reenactors to / through any department that needs them (IE: for wardrobe check, dusting, makeup, hair, etc.)

Cavalry, Back to the Future 3
Cavalry, Back to the Future III (1989)

Involved with Films, Television and Commercials since 1985

Our Credits

    Our Film & Television Credits include: Wild Wild West (Indian Wars: Cavalry & Infantry), Glory (American Civil War U.S. & C.S.: Artillery & Infantry), Ironclads (American Civil War U.S. & C.S.: Artillery & Navy), Back to the Future 3 (Old West Civilians), Rambo III (Cavalry), Geronimo (TNT) (American Civil War U.S. & Indian Wars: Buffalo Soldiers, Cavalry & Infantry), Blind Justice (Indian Wars & Old West: Buffalo Soldier, Cavalry, Cowboys & Infantry), Young Riders (American Civil War U.S. & C.S.: Artillery, Cavalry, Cowboys, Infantry & Vaqueros), Deadman (Old West: Buffalo Hunters & Civilians), Rediscovering America with David Hartman: the Buffalo Soldiers (Indian Wars Buffalo Soldiers), North and South Book II (American Civil War U.S. & C.S.: Artillery & Infantry), Alamo Price of Freedom (IMax) (Mexican War: Civilians & Infantry), Far and Away (Old West Civilians) and others.

For a complete list of our credits, see our resume.

Other Services

   Casting: We have done casting for projects, including a SAG Commercial in Arizona. While we lived in Arizona we were listed by the Arizona SAG as Casting Ditectors. We have also supplied people to other casting ditectors, when they needed specialty characters.

   Auditioning: We have auditioned people for films and commercials. Due to our experience we auditioned over 450 people and their horses, out of the approximately 1,000 that applied, to be included in Rambo III. Because of the nature this project, we tested the horse and rider for their abilities to handle themselves in an extremele challenging and dangerous environment. Out of the 450 auditioned we took 65 riders and about 70 horses.