Civil War
Civil War
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American Civil War Navy

Union (U.S.) and Confederate

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Navy Picture
Naval gun crew - Ironclads (TNT)
CSS Virginia - Ironclads (TNT)
CSS Virginia - Ironclads (TNT)
     Our Navy, as with other images, can come ready to outfit or with some/all of what they need. This can include: wardrobe, props, weapons, (tack and/or livestock - as appropriate) and etc. Images include American Civil War Officers and Enlisted Seamen, for both Union and Confederate.

     During the American Civil War Naval Gun Crews were used as Artillery Gun Crews during many battles

(this is especially true for the Confederacy.) For those land battles that they participated in, they can make for a different look when one is appropriately placed into the scene.

     AzRA's Naval units were seen in Ironclads (TNT) as both U.S. and C.S. naval gun crews, as well as U.S. naval shore parties.

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