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Cavalry, Dragoons & / Buffalo Soldiers

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Cavalry, Back to the Future 3
Cavalry, Back to the Future, III
     AzRA's Cavalry is a blend of Re-Enactor Horsemen and Professional Horsemen. We have chosen this combination for reasons of Safety and Performance. AzRAHist has an excellent record for Safety and One-Shot Takes.

     Our horseman and horses are " Auditioned" before they can participate in any shoot that involves anything but the simplest riding. Our "Horse Skills Test" is based on a re-created "Mounted Military Training Field", that tests a riders ability to control his horse "in place",

Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier

"riding through obstacles" and over "jumps". The test must be taken while firing a pistol and also while using the sabre. Our 1st priority is whether the rider can control his horse under difficult situations, not just whether he can "stay on." We have found that the most difficult task for most horsemen is controlling the horse while standing still.

     Our Cavalry (including Dragoon and Buffalo Soldier) units can do most images between 1840 and 1890. They can be equipped as needed; anything from the man only, up to a complete image including: wardrobe, props, weapons, camp, horse and tack as required. Images include Cavalry Officers, NCO's and Enlisted Men, for both American Civil War Union and Confederate, as well as Indian Wars and Mexican War U.S. images.

Photo from Back to the Future 3
Back to the Future, III

     AzRA's Cavalry has been seen in Ironclads (TNT); Young Riders; Re-Discovering America with David Hartman, The Buffalo Soldiers; Geronimo (TNT); Geronimo, an Arizona Legacy (KPNX Phoenix); Arizona Proposition 105 (1990); Sanyo, TV Commercial;back to the Future III and Rambo III.

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