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Blankets Ponchos Ground Cloths Bed Rolls

Civil War & Indian Wars
Saddle Blankets, Bedroll Blankets, Ponchos, Gum Blankets & Ground Cloths

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Civil War Cavalry Saddle Blanket

US Cavalry Saddle Blanket
Civil War

  Blue with orange stripes in correct wool weave.
  Size approximately 66" X 80".

Civil War Cavalry Saddle Blanket, M1885

US M1885 Cavalry Saddle Blanket
Indian Wars

  Gray with yellow stripes in correct wool weave.
  Size approximately 90" X 66".

Civil War Artillery Saddle Blanket

US Artillery Saddle Blanket
Civil War

  Red with Navy Stripes.
  Size approximately 70" X 84".

Civil War and Indian Wars Blankets

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US Cavalry Saddle Blanket, Civil War $120.00
US Cavalry Saddle Blanket, M1885  $120.00 - Currently out of stock
US Artillery Saddle Blanket  $131.00
US Major General's Schabraque
UNDER Saddle Style
US Issue Blanket, Tan w/ Brown Stripes  $109.00
US Issue Blanket, Grey w/Black Stripe $90.00
Poncho, Gum Rubber coated Canvas   Out
Poncho, Tarred Canvas rain gear. Out
Ground Cloth/Gum Blanket, Tarred Canvas Out
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US Issue Blanket, 1861 Second Issue

US Issue Blanket (for bed roll)
Civil War

  1861 second issue (emergency issue) blanket, tan with brown stripes.
  Size approximately 60" X 72".

US Civil War Issue Blanket

US Issue Blanket (for bed roll)
Civil War

    Grey with black stripes woven in per the originals. Edges bound with black yarn like some examples.
  Size approximately 60" X 84".

Civil War Ponho / Rain Wear and Gum Blanket / Ground Cloth.

Ponchos & Gum Blankets

Poncho: Gum Rubber coated Canvas rainwear, Civil War.
  Size approximately " X ".

Poncho: Tarred Canvas rainwear, Pre-Civil War/Civil War. Opening for neck, plus 16 gromets around the edge.
  Size approximately 68.5" X 47".

Ground Cloth: Tarred Canvas ground cloth, Pre-Civil War/Civil War. With 16 gromets around the edge, but no neck opening. (Gum Blanket)
  Size approximately 68.5" X 45.5".

Civil War Officers saddle SchabraqueOfficers Schabraque

   This is the officer saddle cloth (housing). There are two types, over the saddle or under saddle (over saddle version shown). It is blue wool with a swallow tail design with branch color trim. They have eagle and/or stars depending upon rank. Over saddle version is custom fitted to the saddle and the saddle must be sent for fitting. Shown is over-saddle version for Major General. Also available in versions for Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry and Staff for Staff and Field Officers (no Gold Bullion Stripe and with Eagle but no Stars), Brigadier General (with 1 Star and with or without Eagle) and Major General Commanding (with 2 Stars and with or without Eagle).

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