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Clothing, Uniforms, Accoutrements

Props, Set Dressing, Reenactors & Information

19th Century (1800s): Colonial, Federal Era, Jacksonian Era, Dickens, U.S. Mexican War,
California Gold Rush, Manifest Destiny, Antebellum, American Civil War (U.S. & C.S.),
Indian Wars, Victorian, Old West, Span-Am War, Gilded Age, Gay 90s & Edwardian Website of the Leavey Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc. dba AzRA Historical Resources and AZRA

19th Century / 1800s Reproduction Items and more

1800s Clothing & Uniforms
Victorian Clothing / Uniforms

Mexican War;   Civil War    (CS,  US) ;   Indian Wars;   Span-Am War;   Old West;   Ladies,   Men's,   Children's:  (Boys,   Girl's)
19th Century Clothing Patterns

Welcome to

USHist / AzRAHist

a United States History Site of Historical
Reproductions, Information & Resources

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Saddles and Tack
Civilian & Military

Old West (1800s) Saddles and Tack Hope Saddles and Tack, 19th Century (1800s) Military (Cavalry & Artillery) Saddles and Tack
Leather: Bridles, Halters,
Breast Collars, etc.

Personal Items (Props)

Accoutrements,   Leather Goods,   Spurs & Spur Straps,   Musical Instruments,   School House Supplies,   Soaps & Powders,   Tinware,   Toys & Games,   Writing Items

1800s props, mexican war, civil war, indian wars, victorian, union, confederate

Set Dressing

Cookware & Dinnerware,   Lanterns,   Barrels, Kegs & Boxes,   tents,   Tinware,   Camp Equipment

set dressing, indian wars, span-am, spanish american, old west, victorian


Muskets, Rifles, Carbines,
Pistols, Revolvers,
Swords & Sabers

19th Century rifles, muskets, carbines, pistols, revolvers, swords and sabres

Home and Office Decor

(Interior Decorating Items)

history theme home and office decor

Reenactors: Artillery, Buffalo Soldiers, Cavalry, Cowboys, Dragoons, Infantry, Ladies, Navy. Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars & Old West

re-enactors: coordinators, buffalo soldiers, cavalry, dragoons, infantry, navy

Casting Directors:
SAG, extras,
horsemen & reenactors
Reenactor Coordinators,
Historical / Technical Advisors
& Reenactor Staff

casting director, sag, extras, horsemen, old west, reenactor coordinators

Educational Information,
1800s Military Regulations,
Research Material,
& Food for Thought
educational info and research material. Photo: Marlboro, a black Confederate

Basid Wilderness Survival Skills

Emergency, Disaster & Survival:
Books, Military Manuals, Preparation,
Equipment & Tools

Back to the 1800s for Days, Weeks or More, but not totally if your prepared.
Also for Hunters, Campers, Travelers, Off-Grid Locations & Weak Cell Service.
Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G
Cell Phone
Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray and Attack Deterrent 7.9 oz with Holster

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    I like to think of this site as a online museum with a gift shop where you can actually buy reproductions of the historical items that you see. We are also a sutler / mercantile for reenactors, living history intreperators, museum docents, museums, schools, teachers, history buffs, theatre companies and production companies (prop masters and set dressers).

    This site contains over 650 pages of information on: Artillery, Buffalo Soldiers, Cavalry (Horse Soldiers), Dragoons, Infantry, Navy & Old West, including Living History, of the U.S. Mexican War, American Civil War (US & CS), U.S. Indian Wars, Old West, Spanish American (Span-AM) War & World War One as well as historical information & pictures of Nineteenth Century (1800s) clothing & uniforms (costume / wardrobe), including Victorian clothing, American Civil War clothing, American Civil War uniforms, Indian Wars uniforms, Old West clothing, leather goods, musical instruments, personal items, saddles & tack, tinware, toys and games, tents & camp accessories, weapons & more. Packages for new reenactors, SASS Members (Single Action Shooting Society / Cowboy Action Shooting) and CMSA Members (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Society). Use this site as a sutler / quartermaster dept / store to shop or just use the information available here for research.

    Much of the information in this site has educational and research value and can be an asset for teachers, students, historians and history buffs studying United States / American nineteenth century history, including the American Civil War, Mexican War, California Gold Rush, Victorian Era, Indian Wars and Edwardian Era. It can be especially relevant when researching Victorian clothing, the Mexican War uniforms, American Civil War uniforms, Indian Wars uniforms and Spanish American War uniforms. There are even pages with instruction on how to sew "period hand sewn button holes". There is also a section with 19th Century (1800s) School House Supplies, which are great for show and tell to students and museum visitors.

    The site has a Secure Shopping Cart for anyone wishing to purchase our reproduction items over the internet. We have been on the internet since 1997 and been involved with reenacting and reenactors since 1981. From 2004 until April 2012, we had a store for anyone in the Paradise, California area and have had customers come to our store from as far away as Australia, Germany and Spain, as well as from around the United States.

    Note: The American Civil War, a.k.a. The War of the Rebellion, The War of Succession, The Brothers War, The War of Northern Aggression & The Second War of Independence

    Our Resume of film credits includes: Wild Wild West, Deadman, Glory, Ironclads, Back to the Future III, Rambo III & more. View our Resume (in a new window)

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